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Aircraft charter

So, if you are ready to book a private charter do not hesitate to call Аsk Jet.

From the moment you contact us, we start the search for the best option which suits you. For someone it is important to have a sofa onboard, someone wants to smoke during the flight and someone chooses only new aircraft. Our managers take into account all your wishes, select the best alternative available and within one hour we are ready with the offer. You choose the option you prefer and fly. It is possible to order in our company a jet from any city in the world, aviation has no borders.

# Empty leg

Whenever you want to have a one way flight, do not miss the opportunity to rent an aircraft under the empty leg system.

The idea behind it is that an aircraft carries passengers one way and makes a so-called empty leg without passengers to reposition for another flight or return to home base. So you can take advantage of the occasion and profit by saving up to 50% of the rental costs.

# Urgent flight

Plans are constantly changing and sometimes it is not possible to foresee these changes. If you need to fly somewhere urgently, just call ASK Jet.

Depending on the route, the aircraft will be ready for you within 3 or 4 hours.

# Group charter

That’s awesome! Whether you have a company offsite, or a big fat greek wedding, our professionals are at your service.

We can arrange a large and comfortable aircraft for the whole party. And the celebration of the event will already start in flight.

Trust the professionals

Call Ask Jet and rely on our experience and individual approach.
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