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Aircraft purchase

Few people buy aircraft and if you have come to this decision it means that business aviation has already become an integral part of your life. Ownership of an aircraft gives not only freedom of travel and unsurpassed comfort, but also highlights your social position. So you can easily organize any meeting. Who will refuse to fly on your personal jet? However it is necessary to choose an aircraft with special care. This is an expensive and unique asset which must be chosen by professionals. You can rely on company managers who are ready to help you and always use individual approach.

First of all it is important to make up your mind what class of aircraft you would like to buy, whether you need a new aircraft from the manufacturer or a good alternative from the secondary market. It is also necessary to think about the financing scheme: leasing or direct purchase as well as decide on the private or commercial register. And this is only a small list of questions that need to be worked out and taken into account when choosing an aircraft.